By will and resolution
we overstep the difficulties

Admission Rules

Should be blind or of very weak sight ,
without having any other disability

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  1. Class Programmes and activities :
    They include educational and training programmes and activities. The lnstitute provides students with the equipment, advanced educational aids and Braille - published textbooks.
  2. Out - of - class programmes and activitties :
    They include social and cultural activities, like trips, seminars, lectures, cultural competitions and functions, etc.
  3. Sports Activities :
    They include participation in local competitions with clubs and schools for other students .
  4. Activities Abroad.
  5. Miscellaneous Activities :
    Organising training courses for the lnstitutes teachers and advisors from time to time in order to improve their skills and acquainting them with advancements in this field.
  6. Follow - up of the life of students after they graduate in order to help them find proper jobs and to ensure that they are adapt in their society and are leading stable and normal life.

Activities & Programmes


Secondary Stage Students

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