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BIsB CEO Donates Laptop with Talking Aid to a Blind Citizen

Mr. Yousif Saleh Khalaf, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bahrain Islamic Bank (BIsB), the first Islamic bank in the Kingdom of Bahrain, today made a dream come true for a blind Bahraini citizen by donating a laptop with talking aid enabling him to develop his skills to enable him to find a job and to earn a living.


Reacting to a press story published recently in Bahrain’s Akhbar Al Khaleej daily in which the reporter Mohamed Al Saie’e said that a blind Bahraini citizen cherishes a dream of owning a laptop equipped with a talking device especially for the blind, Mr. Yousif Saleh Khalaf met this morning Mr. Mohamed Hussain Public Relations Committee Head at the Friendship Society for the Blind and handed him the laptop.

On this occasion Mr. Khalaf said: “We in BIsB are indeed delighted to help make a citizen’s dream come true, especially someone who has lost his eye-sight but he still enjoys his insight. This kind of help is a demonstration of doing part of our corporate social responsibility to a member of the local community.”

bisb2.jpg Meanwhile, Mr. A.Wahid Mohamed Al Khayat, Director of the Saudi Bahraini Institute for the Blind praised the Bank’s role and said: “Once again we are unable to truly express our thanks and appreciation to Bahrain Islamic Bank led by its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Yousif Saleh Khalaf for his continuous support to special need students, especially the blind.”

“As I have mentioned before, this kind gesture is not the first of its kind by BIsB to the blind as the Bank has been accustomed to give for charity and to make memorable donations to all groups in the community. We have not forgotten the Bank’s donation of a computer lab at our Institute where the lab carries the name of the Bank in recognition of its services to the blind in the Kingdom." Mr. Alkhayat added.

The software used in the donated laptop translates all written texts into audio material enabling a blind person to use the computer in full independence and to browse the Internet without any outside help. When the press story appeared in the paper, the Bank wrote to its editor in chief reporter advising him that it would make the laptop donation. Unfortunately, the necessary software was unavailable in Bahrain, hence it was procured by a special order from the UAE through the BIsB Computer lab, which is based in the Saudi Bahraini Institute for the Blind.

Mr. Mohamed Husain, Public Relations Committee Head at the Friendship Society for the Blind expressed his thanks to Mr. Khalaf for his kind donation that was a dream come true. He added: “Your present is not just a talking computer as much as it is a demonstration of your humanitarian feelings.”

Chairman of the Friendship Society for the Blind Mr. Hussain Alhulaibi expressed his thanks to BIsB CEO by saying: “The Bank’s response to the news story was in an amazing record time, which was not more than two hours from publication of the newspaper. This was not at all surprising as we are well aware of the kindness of the Bank’s officials.".

Bahrain Islamic Bank is always concerned with undertaking its social responsibilities in the best possible manner by providing considerable support to many humanitarian, social and other events that concern the local community in the Kingdom. Since its inception, the Bank has contributed more than BD5 million in the form of donations, Zakat and contributions to worthy causes.

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