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Should be blind or of very weak sight ,
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Institute for the Blind in the Book Fair for the third time

For the third time participated Saudi-Bahraini Institute for the Blind in the Book Fair, the fifteenth, which was inaugurated under the patronage of His Highness the Prime Minister.

The group's director Professor / slave to one of Mohammed Khayat expressed his happiness to participate in this exhibition, which highlights aspects of the work of cultural blind pointing out that the wing of the conservatory of many books, periodicals and pamphlets printed in Braille and allocated for the blind also includes a wing of a presentation to a group of electronic devices used by the person blind in addition to the typewriter for the blind, which directs attention to the need for visitors to the Institute to know the symbols of and demand for Braille typing their names in Braille.

The director of the Institute to participate, the third of the Institute comes to the development and promotion of cultural work, explaining that the Department of the Institute is working to participate in these forums that favor cultural efforts of the Institute, particularly with regard to the cultural aspect of print books, the most important cultural, educational and instructional pamphlets.

He stressed that the most important books displayed in the wing of the Institute in Braille is a book for His Majesty the King is the book (beyond politics - The Message of love and gratitude to the commander rights), and copies of the Constitution and National Charter in addition to the book Tales of Hura writer Khalifa Salibej and also a wide range of textbooks and educational pamphlets miscellaneous.

In conclusion, Director of the Institute statement of thanks and appreciation to the organizing committee, praised the efforts of Professor / Bashar al-Jassim, director of the exhibition, which has worked hard on the participation of the Institute urged the media to highlight the efforts of the Institute in this field, especially his participation in the Book Fair is the only one among the institutes of the blind in the Arab world, which insists to participate to a declaration Braille.

The management of the Institute is currently working on printing a book of His Royal Highness Prince / Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister a book (Khalifa Bin Salman - a man and a state) after preferred His Highness the approval of the print.

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