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Blind Bahraini Student Wins Braille Reading Contest

Abu Dhabi, March 26 (BNA) - Bahraini student Shaikha Mohammed Al-Amer won first place in a Braille Story Reading Contest in its fifth run of 2011 which was held in Abu Dhabi under the banner "Everybody Reads".

Shaikh Hazzaa bin Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan honored the first place winner of the fourth level in the ceremony held by the Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care with the attendance of a number of officials of the UAE. Bahraini student Abdullah Mubarak Al-Saeedi was also awarded a special prize for his participation in the contest in the second level.

Principle of the Bahraini - Saudi Institute for the Blind, Abdulwahed Mohammed Al-Khayyat declared that this contest is the first in the Arab world to participate in the advancement of the blind especially in the field of education, and praised the great efforts of Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care that had undertaken the establishment of this competition.

Principe Al-Khayyat also explained that the contest consisted in its four previous runs of only Emarati students, and as of this year students from the Bahraini - Saudi Institute for the blind and others from Al-Noor Institute in Qatar were also included in an effort to involve students from the GCC, as this contest serves great purpose to the humanitarian and charity institutes where it creates a bond between the blind citizens of the GCC and introduces them to the culture and events of the region and gives definition to the Braille Story Reading Contest.

He added that the aim of the Braille Story Reading Contest is to enable and encourage the blind to learn the Braille method of reading, enriching the outcome of the participants' language vocabulary and imagination and supporting the students' skills in loving and learning the Arabic language, and also to enrich the relationship between them and books by introducing it as a friend and way of receiving knowledge and pleasure, in an attempt to encourage blind students to adapt to their reality.

The contest was divided into five levels according to academic stages from elementary to university, a collection of stories assigned to each level according to age. First Level: 6 - 9 years. Second Level: 10 - 12 years. Third Level: 13 - 15 years. Fourth Level: 16 - 18 years. Fifth Level: 19 years and above.

Principle Al-Khayyat congratulated student Shaikha Al-Aamer and her parents and wished her more progress and success in her university studies, and congratulated student Abdullah Al-Saeedi on his participation and achievement, noting that for some circumstances he was admitted into the contest late and his achievement is proof of his advanced level.

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