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Abdelwahid Khayyat: ready to train the blind to Computer

Institute for the Blind training center for the "Hal" The chairman of the Saudi-Bahraini Institute for the Blind, Abdul Wahed Al-Khayyat, the adoption of the Institute's training center on one of the programs of the Blind, a program of "Hal", was organized by the spokesman of Technology, United Arab Emirates specialized in the field of visual disability.

The Director of the Institute that this provision is the culmination of the efforts made by the Governing Council's strategy to transform the future of the Institute an academic institution to the center of educational training and development in the field of devices blind.

The Director of the Institute that the Department of the Institute and more than 15 years, given the technical side of great importance like institutions of the Kingdom and private firms are opening the way for blind students studying the institute from various Arab countries for training in use of the computer a substitute for the typewriter regular, which was used in prior periods the life of the Institute since its foundation in 0.1974 He explained that this training and great achievement has helped open the way for the blind to enter the world of information the Internet and receive messages and communicate with others with complete independence, and has helped the Institute's strategy of students studying to accommodate their role and helped the staff to research and science through the acquisition of hardware different for the Blind. He stressed that the strategy of the Institute were discussed in one of the meetings of the Board of Directors of the Institute's past, it was agreed to work steadily and carefully turn the Institute into a training center in addition to its status as an educational leader in the Middle East. He said that the launch of a laboratory Bahrain Islamic Bank of computer marked a new beginning for the Institute which was to provide laboratory program language that helps to use the computer in my independence, adding that the management of the Institute began a few years ago to train students in all grades from first grade on how to use Computer, said, adding that the lab complements the laboratory is the first lab the National Foundation for the Disabled and National Bank of Bahrain, where they were provided with other programs such as "eyesight," which opened the way for the blind on the NHL a lot to discover knowledge from various sites. He stressed that the project "Computer for all blind", which was adopted by the management of the Institute several years ago helped open the way for all blind people to get computers supplied speaking programs. The attention of the Minister of Education and Majid Al Nuaimi students blind students in mainstream schools has helped to access also to computers through a generous donation for the Petrochemicals Company, where he was the company great attention to the blind, praising the time the same initiative the other to the Minister of Social Development Fatima Al Balushi, which claimed responsibility for this project by providing computer per blind. The Friendship Society for the Blind helped support this project by obtaining a large number of its members on computers equipped with programs, "Hal," which opened hopes for them. He said that hundreds of blind people who have followed their studies institute from various Arab and Islamic countries contributed to the build themselves and involvement in their communities through intensive training undertaken by the Institute in the years of study, confirming that these blind people are still continuous with the Institute through the exchange of letters, which include thanks and appreciation to all Institute staff for their efforts they have made in their training on the most modern techniques and praised the efforts of a teacher previous article typewriter and computer currently Jassem Ali is God, who opened them very little in life.

On this occasion, congratulated the Director of the Institute Board of Directors and visually impaired students to the company and the adoption of the Institute, which is a real achievement for the Institute within the new strategy.

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