By will and resolution
we overstep the difficulties

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Should be blind or of very weak sight ,
without having any other disability

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Saudi Bahraini Institute for the blind participates in reading festival

Saudi, Bahraini Institute for the blind participates in the sixth festival for reading, which was organized by East Riffa Primary School for Boys under the supervision of Mrs. Aysha Abdul Ghani, the directorate of Primary Education.

The Institute was represented by Sheikha Mohammed (3rdInt) and Nooh Taleb Al Hadeedy (2nd Int). They read the text in Brile and they were among a group of students from other government schools.

The Institute participated in the festival as a part of the programme that aims at mixing blind students with the other government school students including all the social, cultural, sport and entertainment activities during this educational year. 2003 / 2004.

This participation shows the abilities and skills of the blind students and the disabled ones especially concerned with reading "in Brile". We would like to inform you that all Sheikhan Center for comprehensive Speaking has already participated in this festival and the students got a award certificates for their efforts in the festivals.

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