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19 blind students sitting for final exams

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19 blind students enrolled in schools across the Kingdom are currently sitting for their final examinations alongside their peers. The students attend six different high schools, six intermediate schools, two primary schools and one private school.

Commenting on the exam period, Director of the Saudi-Bahraini Institute for the Blind explained that the exam papers for blind students are printed at the insti- tute: "The institute's administration and all of its departments are ready for the final exams. The printing department finished printing all exam papers for high school, intermediate and primary levels on time."

The director explained that the depart- 'ment for printing books at the institute has doubled its efforts and was able to hand all the exam papers to the Ministry of Education for them to be distributed to the different schools that the blind students are currently enrolled in.

The department was also able to pi papers for the National Examinations the sixth grade which were concluded last week.

The director stated that the institute has performed its duties and worked hard print all the educational materials needed by the students, including schoolbooks | all school levels, in addition to students notes, monthly test .questions, as well midterm and final exam papers. "Using new printers introduced to the department, we were also able to print many awareness pamphlets this year in addition to school books, memos and notices," the director added. He praised the support that the institute has received from private national organizations that sponsor it and fund its operations.

The director also referred to the strength of cooperation that exists between the institute and the Ministry of Education, particularly the exams and curriculum department and the private education department, and said that this cooperation has led to success in implementing the principal of educational integration for blind students.

The institute's director explained that the 19 students are able to attend school with their peers and receive the same education. He praised the support that the students receive from the Minister 'of Education Dr. Majed bin Ali Al Noaimi as well as other officials.

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