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Works installed special devices for the blind to cross the road signs

Said Eng Huda Fakhro, director of planning and design of roads in Bahrain that, in the interest of the Ministry of Works to provide excellent services and high quality of the citizens and residents of the road users, the ministry has installed a device to help blind people to cross the traffic lights for pedestrians.

The Fakhro in its statement that the device is a bump top installed in Fund request for the green light for pedestrians so that the blind person touching by hand after you press the button. The bulge is a connector connected to the controller reference light so that it starts to spin the event as a green light for pedestrians to feel the blind the possibility of safe passage.

A team from the Department of Traffic Engineering ministry experience this device signal pedestrians along the street SMC compound versus SMC in collaboration with the Director of the Bahrain Institute for the Blind Mr. Abdul Wahid Al-Khayyat, and during the experiment was explaining the operation of the device for some employees of the Institute for the blind and visually impaired who have practical application to learn how to use.

Personnel of the Institute have expressed their appreciation for the attention of the Ministry of Works with special needs and use of modern technology in facilitating the safe dealing with the external environment.

The ministry will continue to evaluate this experience and taking into account the observations of users of this device to ensure its success and dissemination in other locations on the roads in the Kingdom.

It is worth mentioning that it will soon experiment with a particular tile on the sidewalk near the pedestrian crossings in order to make blind pedestrians to their access to safe crossing point, where this experience will be applied to the traffic signal for pedestrians at the Salmaniya Medical Complex and the reference located on the street against the government parking Regency.

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