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Bahrain Celebrates International Day for the white stick

Participated in the Kingdom of Bahrain represented Saudi Bahraini Institute for the Blind, the World Day of the white stick.

Kingdom of Bahrain yesterday celebrated the fifteenth of October the International Day for the white stick, which is celebrated by the institutes of the blind in all countries in the world.

The director of the Saudi Bahraini Institute for the Blind, Abdel Wahed Mohamed el-Khayyat: «The celebration of this day is an indicator of the importance of the stick in the lives of blind people as a symbol and logo for the Blind in movement, in addition to emphasis on the community to stand next to the blind and for their cases and help them».

He explained that the celebration coincides with the celebration with the World Sight Day was celebrated a few days ago. Emphasizing leadership support people with special needs in general and the blind in particular.

He added that the Kingdom and went through the relevant ministries especially the Ministry of Education and the support by the Minister personally for the Blind and related institutions started to understand the needs of the blind and persons with disabilities in general through the adoption of resolutions and regulations that meet their needs. He pointed out that the formation of the Higher Committee for disability and follow-up to the House of Representatives and the Shura Council of disability issues and to provide monthly support for this group and the opening of specialized centers for the category of disabilities in the future is the result of direct leadership to support persons with disabilities including the blind.

He said the countries of the world, especially the developed countries concerned with the subject of teaching the art of movement for the blind and sense of direction by promoting programs for the movement and passage of legislation and regulations for the organization of cities, streets, sidewalks and street intersections and determine points of safe passage for pedestrians and to develop rules to regulate the traffic so as to ensure a safe walk to all citizens or passengers Mrtgelin heterosexual or non-heterosexual.

He noted that the Institute's interest in this subject, the art of movement and sense of direction since its inception by providing expertise of specialists in this area and work on the preparation and training of national cadres specialized able to complete the process of training, in addition to participation in conferences on the art of movement and was the last of those posts the Institute's participation in international conferences, art group, including the conference held in Atlanta in the United States where he participated in the Conference Director of the Institute and look at what we have reached the world in this area.

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