By will and resolution
we overstep the difficulties

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Should be blind or of very weak sight ,
without having any other disability

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Blind performing year-end exams

A number of the blind students studying secondary schools and the Ministry of Education and their final exams with their peers and school students, distributed in (9) schools in the secondary stage and the number (6) of the blind students, distributed in (4) schools, middle school and (8) of the students spread (8) at the primary schools and one private school.

The director of the Saudi-Bahraini Institute for the Blind: The management of the Institute and all the sections prepared for final exams where the department has finished printing Braille printing of all questions of certification exams, high school and junior high in a timely manner.

He said, adding that the Department of print books, the institute has voltage multiplier during the previous period was the finish to hand over all the questions to the Department of Examinations at the Ministry of Education to enable them to be distributed to various secondary schools and junior high as the completion of the print national examinations, which brightened by the Authority to ensure the quality of education and training to the third grade of lower secondary which concluded last week. He explained that the section has its full role in this year, print out all the textbooks for all grade levels in addition to notes and exam questions monthly and mid-semester and end of the second semester also explained that the section under the chairmanship of Professor / Jassim Ali made a great effort in completing the printing of these exams at a time short time praising himself in the subsidy offered by the Institute from the Department of the preparation of management books, the Ministry of Education curriculum and education, especially Professor / Farouk Saleh, head of the department, which has printed some of the textbooks on the high school on regular computers.

He noted that the management of the Institute and in coordination with the concerned departments at the Ministry of Education, particularly the Department of Special Education and Curriculum Department has been able to develop a mechanism for activating the principle of the educational integration of blind students. The Director of the Institute that the format continues to overcome all problems related to student's blind inside the school, explaining that (27) students studying with their peers without disabilities in these schools and praised the support it receives students from the presence of His Excellency / Dr. Majid bin Ali al-Naimi, Minister of Education and all officials, especially Director Department of Special Education Professor / Amina Abdullah Kamal, who are sparing no effort in bringing this noble humanitarian platform.

He said: In coordination with the Department of Examinations has been formed special committees for the process of translating the responses from the line of Braille to normal font (the patch) will be given a number of teachers at all schools and special committees exams for secondary school-based School Isa Town Secondary School for Girls and committees stages of prep, note that the Institute The number of prints (119) exam copy in Braille for students at secondary schools only.

He called on parents of blind students to create an appropriate classroom environment for their children and help them to review, stressing the readiness of the Institute for a variety of courses for them throughout the year and special training courses to teach students how to teach the blind.

On the other hand led the blind student school Uthman ibn Affan Preparatory School for Boys / Abdullah Essam Al Mulla, a student of the third preparatory grade national exams - the quality assurance of education and training - the Institute over the past week, where the professors of the Institute follow-up to the student during the performance tests in the articles (in Arabic - the language English - Mathematics and Science), where the Department of Braille print the transfer of those examinations to the line of Braille so that the students from their exams smoothly.

The Institute's going to do to get ready to print textbooks for grades in preparation for the next academic year so that it can be delivered to students at an appropriate time with the start of the school year.

He said: that the partition and through the printing presses of modern in it was able to print many books this year and the most important book (Khalifa Bin Salman - man and the establishment of the state), which will be handed over soon to His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister, may God protect him, and then distributed to local universities and the Arab and institutes for the blind and UNESCO and other scientific centers in addition to textbooks, pamphlets, circulars, praising the support it receives Institute of governmental institutions, especially the Ministry of Education, institutions and companies and national banks for working to support the Institute through the purchase of hardware that needs it.

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