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Believing in Integrating them in the Community, Bahrain Islamic Bank Donates a State of the Art IT Lab to the Institute for the Blind

Bahrain Islamic Bank (BIsB), the first Islamic bank in the Kingdom of Bahrain, today presented a BD5,000 cheque to the Saudi Bahraini Institute for the Blind (SBIB) as a gesture of support from the Bank to the blind male and female students at the beginning of the academic year.


This generous donation will enable SBIB to set up a state of the art IT laboratory for blind students. The Bank has decided to set up this laboratory owing to its belief in the significance of information technology in human life, especially for students.

For this purpose, Mr. Yousif Saleh Khalaf, BIsB Chief Executive Officer received at his office at Salam Tower in Diplomatic Area, Mr. Mohamed bin Hussain Aljowdar, Advisor to the Education Minister SBIB Chairman and Mr. Abdul Wahid Mohamed Alkhayat, SBIB Director who expressed their thanks to the Bank for its generous donation.

Commenting on this donation, Mr. Khalaf said: “We are pleased today to receive people who have dedicated themselves to serve their brethren who are unable to see. With their patience, hard work and effort, the blind in the Kingdom have been able to enjoy a high level of education and qualification which means that their inability to see has not prevented them from academic advancement.”

“Today’s donation is part of BIsB continuous commitment to help persons with special needs in the community with the aim of improving the living conditions of blind students.” he added.

The Bank’s support to SBIB towards the setting up of a computer laboratory comes as a form of assistance by the Bank in educating the blind by having access to the Internet and attempting to achieve the optimum benefit from the worldwide web.

The laboratory has been provided with specialized software for the blind enabling them to listen to websites. The software enables the translation of the material from written texts into audio material allowing a blind student to use the computer and to access the Internet without help from others.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mohamed bin Hussain Aljowdar praised the role of the Bank by saying: “We would like to seize this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to BIsB for its continuous support for the students with special needs in general and its invaluable assistance to SBIB in particular.”

SBIB Director Mr. A. Wahid Alkhayat said: “This kind gesture by BIsB is not the first of its kind to the Bank as SBIB has been accustomed in every year to get generous donations from the Bank enabling it to continue to provide its services to blind students. The setting up of this state of the art lab will give the opportunity to our blind students to learn how to browse the Internet like their counterparts who are not blind.”

It should be noted that SBIB is considered as the first institution of its kinds in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has been active in the Kingdom for the last 32 years. It is considered as one of the pioneering institutes in the GCC states as well.

The Institute focuses on carrying out various projects for the blind. SBIB provides activities for education, training and qualification of blind students using the most advanced technologies for those with sight impairment and provides specialized staff for this purpose.

The Institute looks after the affairs that concern blind students in the Ministry of Education’s schools in addition to continuously seeking to provide suitable job opportunities and to ensure their integration in the community. The number of SBIB graduates exceeds several hundreds from the Kingdom of Bahrain, other GCC states and Arab and Islamic countries.

There are still a number of blind students, of both sexes, from various parts of the region attending courses in SBIB. Some of its graduates are attending post-graduate courses in the United States, United Kingdom, Syria and other countries.

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