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Admission Rules

Should be blind or of very weak sight ,
without having any other disability

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Davis Learning Strategies, distinguished Learning Methods for First Cycle of Primary Education


The workshop aims at introducing Davis Learning Strategies as distinguished unique innovative methods for first cycle of primary education. Those strategies equip every child, no matter what what's his learning styles, with life long skills in "how to learn", and prevent the onset of special education referrals in class. It will provide the participant with full training on those strategies.

DLS workshop Instruction Includes:

  1. Introducing Davis learning strategies theory, reasoning for each. strategy, and its effect on the process of learning.
  2. Providing the participants with supervised experiential practice on each strategy.
  3. Providing the participants with demonstrations of each strategy and classroom implementation and planning suggestions.
  4. The participants working in pairs or small group to practice each skill.
  5. Q & A and discussion about each Strategies.

Who Should Attend:

  1. Teachers for KG and first cycle of primary education.
  2. Teachers interested in DLS.
  3. Mentors of primary education and Curriculum Consultant in the ministry.
  4. Special education Teachers.
  5. Parents interested in home teaching or with dyslexic children.
  6. Specialist and Consultants in Special education.

DLS Research Results:

Davis Learning Strategies were piloted from1993-1999 in several San Francisco Bay Area classrooms. Research results published in Reading Improvement Journal, August 2001 reported:

  • No special education referrals were made 2 years after initial Davis intervention for any of the 3 first grade pilot classrooms.
  • Gifted referrals from Davis classrooms were higher than the typical school population.
  • At-risk children scored significantly higher than the control group for mastery of 100 basic sight words.

DLS were also piloted and implemented in 2003and2005 by a Bahraini researcher for her Master degree in 2 government schools and 1 private school. The results were similar to that research piloted in San Francisco Bay Area classrooms.

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