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Outstanding blind students honoured

An honouring ceremony for 27 outstanding students of Saudi-Bahraini Institute was held at the institute in Isa Town.

The event was held under the patronage of Education Minister Dr Majid Al Nuaimi.

A welcoming speech was given by the ministry's Assistant Under-Secretary for Educational Services and Private Education Mohammed Al Jowder, who is also institute board chairman.

Mr Al Jowder said the centre was able to provide exceptional services for the blind in its 30 years of existence.

"This centre has been a boon to the Kingdom as its activities, projects and programmes have helped the blind explore themselves, develop and contribute positively to the society," he said.

"Integrating the blind into government schools has also helped them a lot, making them feel they are important to society, which is in fact true."

Speeches were also given by institute's director Abdulwahid Al Khayat, intermediate level outstanding graduates Shaikha Al Jassasi and Ali Al Ammri, who urged the blind to work harder and achieve more success in all fields and work areas.

An operetta entitled In The Fields of Education, a play entitled Will Our Dreams Come True, and musical compositions by Salmaniya Secondary School for Boys blind student Ali Abdulhassan and institute students were also performed at the event.

Dr Al Nuaimi honoured the top students at the end of the event.

Intermediate students: Basma Al Bagali, Hamad Ali, Rashid Al Farsi, Zahran Al Moqbali, Salema Saeed, Shaikha Al Jassasi, Ali Al Ammri and Mohsin Abdulmohsin.

Secondary students: Zahra'a Al Saba'a, Ali Abdulhassan and Latifa Al Sisee.

University students: Ameera Al Dossari, Iman Al Mograbi, Hussain Al Ameer, Khadija Mallallah, Essam Al Ameer, Ali Al Basri, Fathiya Maki, Mohammed Ali, Hana'a Al Jamri and Neyaz Al Bana.

Institute students: Hanoof Hanthal, Abdulla Al Mulla, Hooriya Ali, Asama Al Mahmood, Abdulhameed Ibrahim Abdulhameed and Heba Abdulwahid.

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