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Pool plea for blind pupils

AN appeal has gone out to help the Saudi-Bahraini Institute for the Blind construct a swimming pool which could make a difference for its special students.

Batelco has already donated BD10,000 but more funding is needed for the project, at the institute premises in Isa Town, to see light, said institute director Abdul Wahid Al Khayat.

"The swimming pool can be used throughout the year for the students and can also be rented out during the summer to help support the institute," he said.

"This pool will create a steady flow of income, helping us to pay our expenses, expand and purchase more equipment for our students."

Equipment needed at the institute includes Braille typewriters, Braille computers, special exercise equipment and voice recording machines.

Mr Al Khayat said there are 45 students enrolled at the institute, across all levels.

They include students from grade one to high school.

"We offer a blend of Bahraini government curriculum and Saudi curriculum at the centre and special emphasis is placed upon the development of students' computer skills," explained Mr Al Khayat.

"Every student who graduates from our institute can work with computers at total ease," he pointed.

"This year, three of our graduates have been granted scholarships to continue their education at Bahrain University."

The institute, said Mr Al Khayat, also organises many activities, allowing its students to interact with students from other schools in Bahrain.

Among those activities was a goalball tournament held in the Juffair Dome last year. The tournament involved blind and sighted people, giving them the chance to interact and learn from each others experiences.

"It is very important for these students to interact with others at an early age. This will help both parties become more comfortable with one another, and can thus encourage co-operation at the workplace in the future," explained Mr Al Khayat.

The Saudi-Bahraini Institute for the Blind is also encouraging blind students to study at regular government schools, with the help of a special tutor.

It hopes that this too will help break down barriers between the blind and the sighted.

"We encourage members of the public to come visit us and see for themselves how their donations and encouragement can help," added Mr Al Khayat.

"They can find out how capable our students are, and will perhaps be persuaded to employ them," he said.

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