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Should be blind or of very weak sight ,
without having any other disability

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Tips for trainers On reading skills

Primary school teachers, specialists and parents from the Saudi-Bahrain Institute for the Blind were given a unique insight into helping children improve/reading skills at a workshop at the institute's premises in Isa Town.

The Davis Learning Strategics workshop was conducted by experts from the Davis Dyslexia Association, UK.

The workshop focused on strategies to improve reading instruction, classroom management, and ways to equip young learners with lifelong skills in learning.

HSBC community' programmed Middle East Foundation sponsored three teachers from the institute to attend the workshop, which cost $800 (BD300) per person.

"HSBC Is committed to serving the com-munity through a programme of education and environmental projects," said card cen-tre manager Ebrahim Jallli.

"We are pleased to support the Saudi- Bahrain! Institute for the Blind, which pro- vides blind people with special needs with necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to move freely, understand the direc- tions and to enter mainstream education."

The institute's main objectives arc to help blind people pursue further studies, enable them to participate in social activities, give them opportunities to take part in sports competitions and help them gain indepen-dence by using a cane.

"We thank HSBC for all their support because we can only succeed with such contribution," said workshop co-ordinator Farecda Al Zayani.

"The financial support helped us to achieve our goals, as well as motivated us to perform our duties toward blind people.

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