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Special needs students to benefit from Batelco Donation

Blind students in Bahrain have recently been given a greater opportunity to enhance their skills and further participate in the development of the community.


As part of its ongoing commitment to the Bahrain community Batelco announced this week that it would be making a generous BD 10,000 donation to the Saudi Bahraini Institute for the Blind. A significant proportion of this donation will be used to complete the new sports complex and swimming pool.


Batelco chief executive Tony Hart made the presentation at a special ceremony held at the institute in Isa Town that was attended by Mohammed Bin Hussain Aljowder, the assistant under-secrectary for Education Services & Private Education, Abdul Wahid Mohd Alkhayat, the Institute director and Ahmed Aljanahi, senior manager - Batelco corporate affairs.


"We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to Batelco for their continuous support to those with special needs and in particular for their assistance to the Institute for the Blind," said Mohammed Hussain Aljowder.


Abdul Wahid Alkhayat, the Institute director added, "This initiative is not the first of its kind from Batelco. The organisation has worked on a number of projects with blind students in the past. Recently Batelco organised career training for 18 graduates of the institute and also donated some special equipment (each piece of equipment was worth BD 2000) to the both the institute and the University of Bahrain to assist blind students with their studies.

"As a gesture of thanks to Batelco for their very generous ongoing support we plan to name our sports centre at the institute the Batelco Sports Complex."

The institute has been operating for 30 years in the Kingdom and carries out a variety of projects for the benefit of blind people. Some of their activities include education at nursery, primary and intermediate levels, career training and sports activities. There are currently 46 students from around the region studying at the Institute and some graduates are continuing their higher education in the US, UK, Syria and other countries.

The Batelco visitors were taken on a tour of the institute's premises by Mr Aljowder and Mr Alkhayat, which included a visit to the technology facilities and the sports complex that will be completed shortly. Following the tour some of the students performed a music concert followed by a thank you speech from one of the senior students.

Tony Hart said, "This latest contribution to the Saudi Bahraini Institute for the Blind is part of an ongoing commitment to help those in the community with special needs and aims to provide an improved quality of life for the blind students."

"The work the Institute does is essential in helping to educate blind people and providing them with the special skills they need to participate fully in the community. We believe very strongly that it is important for us to support projects that allow people from all walks of life to contribute to the development of the Kingdom and make a positive contribution to the economy," Tony Hart concluded.

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