By will and resolution
we overstep the difficulties

Admission Rules

Should be blind or of very weak sight ,
without having any other disability

Photo Gallery

Headmaster’s Speech

Sincere accomplishment and appreciation to all who supported us by the encouragement, support and help to attain the institute’s progress. In the fore front, the wise leader of the state of Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The praise and appreciation is also to their excellency the ministers of education on their continuous support to their institute. The gratitude is connected to the institute’s board to their continuous follow-up that led to the execution of its constructive programs and desired ambitions.

Also, the gratitude and acknowledgement to the national corporation for handicapped services in Bahrain and to all governmental and civil establishments for their fruitful support which greatly helped the institute in its progress and prosperity.

Activities & Programmes


Secondary Stage Students

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